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Listen to the Wagga Wagga Airport (YSWG/WGA) CTAF 126.95 MHz (beta) ONLINE

M3U stream
XSPF stream
Notice (Updated: 14:09pm AEDT 1 November 2023)
Hardware has been temporary fixed, adjustments are being made over the next few days to improve proformance. Certifcate expiry error is known, work underway to have this fixed.
Notes: The airband frequency (VHF) is limited to line-of-sight, as the receiver streaming the CTAF is located approximately 10km from Wagga Wagga Airport, some aircraft inflight may not be clear and aircraft on the ground will not be heard.

This service is a trial only and is currently undergoing testing, availability is not guaranteed. There is also a delay between when the message was called in realtime and when it will be heard on the stream, this delay could be a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

Recording and/or relaying of the stream is prohibited. This stream is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only.